Remote Accounting Department

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Experience the power of our remote  accounting department, providing growing firms with the financial expertise of a big company finance team, scaled to meet your needs. With fractional resourcing, you get 100% of the financial support required without the overhead. Plus, our services bring peace of mind, making financial management a driver, not a barrier, to your success.

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Why It Matters

Executive level decision making, accountability and leadership.

Time back to focus on business development.

A dedicated finance team who only work with firms like yours – no more explaining the basics of how your firm makes money, prices your work, and bills your clients.

Confidence in your financial data – no more relying on your bank account balance to run your business because you’ve given up trying to understand your financial statements.

More transparency and accountability – it is possible to cascade financial responsibility to your leadership team and have a mechanism to keep everyone informed and accountable.

Redundancy – no more feeling trapped by the reality of a single person finance team and all of the risks of that common solution.

Responsive – Not only do we work quickly but we respond quickly too. No waiting weeks to hear back from your accounting team. Expect to hear back from us within 24 hours.

What We Deliver

On demand access to financial leadership to support day to day decision making.

Custom monthly financial reporting.

Benchmarking of your performance vs. best practice.

Annual and quarterly planning.

Cash flow forecasting.

A team that will liaise with your other advisors (HR, Bank Manager, Legal, Tax Accountant, etc).

Client profitability and employee utilization reporting.

Make sure you bill your clients and your firm gets paid.

Make sure your costs are entered and your suppliers/employees are paid.

Bank and credit card reconciliations.

Sales tax filing.

We’ll represent your business as if we worked for your business.

Fractional CFO and Advisory Solutions

Industry Informed Guidance Scaled to Your Needs

Already have a high-performing day-to-day accounting solution? We provide fractional CFO and advisory services to complete your financial management solution. Our expert guidance enhances your team’s capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to financial success.

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Why It Matters

Senior finance leadership to support decision-making.

Elevated financial reporting.

More transparency and accountability.

Benchmarking vs. the industry.

Improved financial literacy.

Coaching and development of your day-to-day accounting solution.

Redundancy in the event that someone leaves.

What We Deliver

Annual and quarterly planning.

Custom financial reporting.


Training and developing your internal team.

Optional Extras

Financial Literacy for Account Teams Training Program.

Participate as part of your EOS™ Leadership team in the Finance Seat (learn more about EOS™here).

System optimization and SOP documentation.

Historical Financial Review and Opportunity Assessment

A Springboard Into Customized Financial Leadership

Unsure about your financial needs but eager to take the first step toward better decision-making? Our tailored process is designed to identify your starting point and uncover opportunities for improvement.

This service is designed for firms with at least 3 years of results who are still chasing the financial outcomes they’ve been dreaming of. Our comprehensive review is your compass to pinpoint precisely where optimization is needed, helping turn the tide for lasting performance.

Let’s have a conversation to determine if this is the ideal starting point for your financial journey.

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks from the receipt of historical financial documents and payroll records

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Benchmark your historical performance relative to best performing creative service firms.

Summary recommendations to improve your financial performance.

A one page scorecard on your historical financial performance in a format that your accountant can maintain going forward.


Elevated bookkeeping Intentionally Designed for Professional Service Firms

You may not be ready for the advisory-led Fiscally services but know you need excellent bookkeeping in order to create a foundation for growth. Our custom bookkeeping for professional service firms offered by Finally provides a turnkey and accessible solution that matches the needs of your business. The best part? You benefit from the same depth of experience and the core values that gives Fiscally clients a competitive advantage.

Visit us over at Finally or say!

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Always know how your business is performing.

Financial statements you can read & understand.

A dedicated resource.

Option to add on payroll & benefits administration, annual budgeting, quarterly results calls, and other financial infrastructure optimization.

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We provide the financial leadership your agency has always needed.

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