Part-Time CFO
and accounting solutions

Our part-time CFO and Accounting solution is designed to provide financial leadership to your business by augmenting your in-house employees or to work alongside our sister company accounting team, Finally.


our part-time CFO clients have grown to the point where:

Your risks have increased and you are craving better access to data to inform your decision making

Your business has grown year over year but you are struggling to see the benefit of this growth on your bottom line

You think your in-house solution is doing a good job but you really have no way of assessing their capability. Having a resource they can access to help them grow as finance professionals is something you’d be interested in investing in

You think your business is doing well but you actually don’t know how it compares to what it could be if you optimized your performance against priority KPI’s

You need better visibility into what you can expect in the future

If this sounds like you, Maybe it’s time for a

Part-Time CFO

Location: Remote
Minimum monthly investment: $4,800

We’ll operate as an extension of your leadership team.

We’ll clarify your financial goals and work with you to build a plan to get there.

We’ll make your financial results visible and be sure you know how you are performing.

We’ll spend as much time thinking about the future as we do reporting on the past.

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We “grow up” the finance function at agencies and professional service firms so that firm owners can realize the financial outcomes they set out to achieve. Let us help your firm grow up your finance function too.

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